Extraction Apparatus

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Soxhlet Extractor

Used with bulb condenser and boiling flask

item#body ID x lengthtop jointbottom jointapprox. overall heightprice
171-0344531x13534/4524/40270 $120.00
171-0455041x15745/5024/40300 $150.00
171-0555049x18055/5024/40340 $165.00
171-0716070x24071/6029/42415 $255.00

Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus Complete

Includes extractor, bulb condesner, flat bottom flask. Round bottom flask may be substituted; please specify.

item#condenser jointflask jointflask cap.price

Extraction Condensers

Bulb type, used with soxhlet and liquid-liquid extractions.

item#joint sizeprice

Dean Stark Soxhlet Receiver

Used in addition to standard soxhlet apparatus.

item#top and side jointsstopcock boreprice
176-0000155/504 mm$152.00

Dean Stark Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus

Complete apparatus with Dean Stark receiver, soxhlet, condenser and flask.

item#condenser and soxhlet jointflask capprice
177-0000155/50500 ml$355.50

Soxhlet Extractor with Stopcock

Extractor body with PTFE stopcock to drain sample.

item#top jointbottom jointprice

Continuous Liquid/Liquid Extraction Apparatus, 3 Piece

Consists of a bulb condenser, extractor body and 1000ml boiling flask. Sidearm joint is 24/40.

item#capacitytop jointbody diaprice
180-000451000 ml45/5095 mm$246.50
180-000551000 ml55/5095 mm$268.50

Continuous Liquid/Liquid Extraction Apparatus, BODY ONLY

For replacement condenser see soxhlet condenser.

item#capacitytop jointbody diaprice
185-100451000 ml45/5095 mm$147.25
185-100551000 ml55/5095 mm$154.00

Continuous Liquid/Liquid Extraction Apparatus, 3 Piece with Stopcock, Body Only

item#capacitytop jointbody diaprice
188-345501000 ml45/5095 mm$185.25
188-355501000 ml55/5095 mm$192.50

Solvent Recovery Condenser 24/40

190-02440condenser with stopcock$117.75
190-12440condenser without stopcock$94.75

Solvent Recovery Condenser 45/50

Used in place of standard condenser on liquid/liquid apparatus to recover solvents. Hose connector drains reservoir. Hose connector can be replaced with option stopcock. Bottom joint is 45/50".

190-04550condenser with stopcock$154.00
190-14550condenser without stopcock$124.00

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