Glassware Repairs

  • Save up to 75% off the cost of new glassware.
  • Just pack your broken glass up and ship it to us along with any salvageable parts and
    we will call you with a quote.
  • All repairs are unconditionally guaranteed.
  • Repair charge does not include any new parts provided by us.
  • Some glassware is not repairable. Nonrepairable items are disposed at our discretion
    unless you notify us.
  • The following is a partial list. We repair many items not listed. Please call.

To Order Please Call - 717-786-0100 or Fax 717-786-0101

Glassware Repair Labor Charges (please ask for current pricing)

boiling, erlenmeyer flask100-1000 ml$9.00
boiling flask2 neck, 100-1000 ml$15.00
boiling flask3 neck, 100-500 ml$18.00
boiling flask3 neck, 1000 ml$19.00
boiling flask3 neck, 2000 ml$27.00
boiling flask3 neck, 3000 ml$33.00
boiling flask3 neck, 5000 ml$38.00
k-d flask$13.00
snyder column$19.25
concentrator tube$10.00
soxlet34/45 size$23.75
soxlet45/50 size$27.00
soxlet71/60 size$45.00
separatory funnel125 ml$17.00
separatory funnel250 ml$21.00
separatory funnel500 ml$25.75
separatory funnel1000 ml$29.00
separatory funnel2000 ml$36.00
phenol flask1000 ml$24.00
cyanide flask2 neck$15.00
liq-liqside arm$44.75
cyanide absorber$18.40
sparger u-shaped$18.00
liq-liq extractor1 piece$44.75
bulb condensersox or liq-liq type$28.00
midi cnreflux imp$26.00
midi cnfritted absorber$24.00
midi cn50 ml flask$11.00
filter flask500 ml$10.25
filter flask1000 ml$16.00
filter flask2000 ml$22.00
filter flask4000 ml$48.00
volumetric flask100 ml$10.00
volumetric flask250 ml$10.00
volumetric flask500 ml$10.00
volumetric flask1000 ml$14.00
volumetric flask2000 ml$21.00
graduated cylinder100 ml$11.00
graduated cylinder250 ml$11.00
graduated cylinder500 ml$14.00
graduated cylinder1000 ml$14.00
graduated cylinder2000 ml$25.00
mercury bubbler$30.00
chromo columns(from) $13.00

Glassware Repair Material Charges

14/20, 19/22, 19/38, 24/40 joints$11.00
34/45 joint$13.00
55/50 joint$19.00
#13-#27 stopper joints$11.00
#2 stopcock barrel$15.00
45/50 joint$17.50
#38 stopper joint$16.00
6 mm stopcock barrel$25.00

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