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Purge and Trap Sparger, ALS2016, ALS2032

U shaped, 1/4" ground glass stem on one side, 1/2" ground glass on the other.

item#tekmar item#typesizeprice
691-1600514-2336-024fritless5 ml$68.25
691-1602514-2333-024fritless25 ml$75.25
691-1610514-2336-024fritted5 ml$75.25
691-1612514-2334-024fritted25 ml$79.58

Puge and Trap Needle Sparger

Single chamber, with foam bulb.

item#tekmar #stem o.d.sizeprice
692-0000514-2052-0241/2"5 ml$21.00
692-0002514-2053-0241/2"25 ml$24.00
692-003053/4"5 ml$28.25
692-003253/4"25 ml$33.50

Sparger with Sideport

Unscrew cap and insert coil directly into sparger - fits Tekmar 2016 etc.

item#stem o.d.sizeprice
693-000251/225 ml$46.25

Purge and Trap Spargers, Fritted, LSC 2 and LSC 3

These spargers are designed to be used in Tekmar LSC-2 and LSC-3 units. Top stem is 1/4 o.d. The 2 side inlets are septum holders.

item#tekmar item#sizeprice
696-0000514-0042-0245 ml$74.00
696-0002514-0043-02425 ml$81.25

Purge and Trap Spargers, Fritted, ALS 10 Station Unit

U-shaped sparger, 1/4" ground glass stem on 1 side, septum holder on the other.

item#tekmar item#sizeprice
697-1000514-0956-0245 ml$77.00
697-1002514-0957-02425 ml$79.25

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